What is going on with this weather!? Do we plant now, is it snowing? This pollen is out of control! Welcome to Central Texas… We have no clue what the weather is doing or will do, but we have been trying everyday to keep up with the ever changing adversity. Join us!


Above is a recent project we had a lot of fun with…

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A new year…

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A new year and a new yard. In 2017 I would love to first thank you all for your business, current and future. We have been blessed beyond our wildest dreams. I look forward to bringing you even better service, better attention and continued personalized commitment. Now, let’s go take on the day!

A great place to help locally: Austin Disaster Relief Network


Xeriscape with a Reason… Here are a few:

Save water: Without a doubt, the biggest benefit of xeriscaping is that you need less water to maintain landscaping. Water is not endless and so it is important that all desert dwellers do their part to conserve this precious, natural resource.

Save money: When you save water, you save money. The money savings go beyond the water bill. In many cases, xeriscaping products are less expensive than rolls and rolls of sod and lush green shrubbery.

Low maintenance: Since many decorative rocks and native plants are low maintenance, you don’t have to worry about pushing a lawnmower on a 110°F day, or spend the money to have somebody do it for you. The only maintenance my front yard needs is a little trimming a few times a year, followed by a spot treatment for weeds in the spring.

Check out this video… Thanks Thomas.




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Biker Week Logo

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With the most recent rains, you again have started to notice those nagging weeds. Yes, your lawn is still there and needs attention. Why is your neighbors yard looking so good? Because they have paid attention to it year-round. Your best bet is to get a year-round contract. Of course I am going to say that, right? It’s true though. When a landscaper looks at a yard and evaluates the work it is going to take, your price is determined. At Landscape and Business Services, we price the work load as if your yard was in tip-top shape. Sometimes there is a first time surcharge to get the yard in a manageable state, other times we absorb that…It all depends. Have us come take a look and get a game plan set so you can again have your weekends back. Spring should be a time to be outside, not stuck in the yard pulling weeds! That’s what we do!

Trim Before it’s too late!

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Make sure that you have your hedges, tree’s and over-grown plants cut back now. Spring is just around the corner and they will begin to grow, grow, grow!

FREE Lawn Care

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-If you get one customer to sign up for a year-long contract or one project ($250 or more), LBS will mow your yard for free for one month!

-You can do this as many times as you want! Help us, help you with your yard… FOR FREE!

Some restrictions apply (but not many!). Call today- (512) 576-2200.

Sweet Mowers Thread…

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LBS will be mowing with custom mowers ONLY! lol.