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Xeriscape with a Reason… Here are a few:

Save water: Without a doubt, the biggest benefit of xeriscaping is that you need less water to maintain landscaping. Water is not endless and so it is important that all desert dwellers do their part to conserve this precious, natural resource.

Save money: When you save water, you save money. The money savings go beyond the water bill. In many cases, xeriscaping products are less expensive than rolls and rolls of sod and lush green shrubbery.

Low maintenance: Since many decorative rocks and native plants are low maintenance, you don’t have to worry about pushing a lawnmower on a 110°F day, or spend the money to have somebody do it for you. The only maintenance my front yard needs is a little trimming a few times a year, followed by a spot treatment for weeds in the spring.

Check out this video… Thanks Thomas.